Fine Line – last Saturday.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Had a fun little show at the Fine Line on Saturday night, and was lucky enough to have my talented wife there with her camera in hand. Here are a few of the best shots of the evening.

And I just couldn’t decide which was a better picture of August on the drums… is it angry August?

Or, sad August?

It’s up to you to decide, dear readers.

Thanks to those who came out to listen.

–Grant Dawson

Upcoming Events.

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Shows, shows and more shows on the horizon.

If you find yourself in Northwestern, WI this Saturday night — stop by Music in the Park in Grantsburg, WI to catch me on stage with Erin Spohn, rocking the night away. All sorts of fun music planned. Bring the whole family.

The following morning, I’m doing some good ol’ fashioned churchifying at Faith Lutheran in Grantsburg.

And I’ll be hitting up the Fine Line in Minneapolis on September 1st at 9pm. The doors are at 8pm and the cost is $6.00. I’m playing for an hour ahead of Kerns & The Hemispheres, and Blue Voodoo. It’ll be an interesting night of music to be sure.

See you then!
–Grant Dawson

Hobby and YouTube.

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

In the spirit of the season, “He is Risen, he is risen indeed.” Is it bad to make weak jokes at Jesus’ expense? I hope not.

But it’s true — I’m back after another long break. I wish I was a better blogger, but I get distracted by my day-to-days. And isn’t that the truth for most of us? We all have ambitions, hopes beyond our current circumstance, but most of us just muddle along in the middle. I have been doing quite a bit of muddling lately. That and playing a ton of broomball.

It’s true. It feels a little like a confession to admit that I have another hobby beyond music, but I do. And it has been the dominant activity these last few months. It’s even (gasp!) affected my piano practicing. I have, however, had an enjoyable few months. The State Tournament (we won!), the National Tournament (we..uh… didn’t win), and now, this coming weekend, a charmingly named tournament called The Stinky Trash Can Tournament. But then that’s it. The season will be over and I’ll be back to music.

Speaking of music, I noticed an interesting thing the other day when surfing YouTube. YouTube automatically fills in suggestions as you type in letters in the search function and so, just for kicks, I typed in each of the letters of the alphabet to see what the first suggestion for each letter is. Turns out, 23 of the 26 letters automatically suggest either a song title or an artist. A is Adele, B is Beyonce, etc. I think that’s an interesting reinforcing example of the power of music in our society. People gravitate to music. It’s in us to be musical, either by playing or listening. I like that.

Spent some time in the studio a few weeks ago, and if I could figure out how to do it, I’d post a scratch-track or two on my website. I need a nerd to show me how.

–Grant Dawson

Why I’ve been away.

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Sure, I haven’t blogged in a little over two months. Sure, my facebook status updates have been few and far between. But give me a break, I’m working on a new album for heaven’s sake.

Wait, was I supposed to say that? Looks like the cat is out of the bag.

Most of the arrangements are done. Now its time to get in the studio and get to work. Just have to decide where I’m going to record it.

If you’re interested in hearing me play, you can head out to my favorite West-Metro venue, the Dunn Bros. Coffeehouse in Excelsior, MN this Saturday night at 8pm. I’ll be playing all sorts of fun stuff, including all of the tracks that will eventually make up album number two.

That’s all for now, but I promise I’ll be back in less than two months.

–Grant Dawson

Strange Night at the Artists’ Quarter.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Popped down to the AQ in St. Paul on Sunday night to catch Butch Thompson and Spider John Koerner for 10 dollars. It was strange, to say the least.

To wit:
The concert started late (not a fan).

The performers had no stage chemistry (Keorner seemed disagreeable, and Butch seemed uncomfortable).

There was too much Keorner and too litte Butch (Butch is still unparalleled at solo stride piano, Keorner seems sickly and was flat singing on a number of tunes — and yet Keorner dominated the set-list).

And sadly, a woman collapsed right next to me from an apparent heart attack. The ambulance was slow to arrive, and as her condition deteriorated she began to vomit. This was altogether unpleasant (obviously not as unpleasant for me as it was for her). I do genuinely hope she’s OK. She seemed stable when they carted her out on the stretcher.

So — that was my Sunday night.

–Grant Dawson